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“Your Trusted Counselor” is a monthly newsletter intended to help you better understand the estate planning world. I believe that knowledge and education is power, and I want to empower you to make proper decisions to help you and your loved ones.

Education and Estate Planning

I enjoy working with individuals, couples, and families who recognize estate planning is an long-term investment in themselves and their family. Educating yourself on the world of estate planning and personal finances is an important aspect of this investment. I want to help you know what your options are and what might work for you. You doing your homework can help us work better together to develop an estate plan that optimally protects and provides for you and your descendants.

My hope is that “Your Trusted Counselor” will help you recognize ways for you to conduct estate planning to protect yourself and your family members, whether it be planning for your children’s’ college expenses, Standalone Retirement Trusts, IRA strategies, or other considerations that you may not have otherwise known about.

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Client Education Seminar

Join Brandon Rains and our special presenter, Katie Spencer. Dr. Katie Spencer is a wealth coach and clinical psychologist. Through her business Northbound Coaching, Dr. Spencer offers an insider’s perspective on wealth dynamics within family systems. By working to strengthen relationships and build the foundation to effectively navigate the landscape of wealth, she helps clients identify […]

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