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As a husband, father of four, and a business owner, I understand the worries, concerns, and hopes of parents and business owners. So often, we are filled with hope and worry for the future. Parents and business owners want to hope for the best, but we feel the need to prepare for the worst. We also want to do the most and best we can to try to guarantee that everything will turn out how we hope.

Both estate planning and business planning are about those we love. While parents and business owners understand that while love is at the center of it all, money helps. We also understand that not everything lasts forever. While estate planning and business planning does not change this, I can still help the inevitable parts of life hurt less.

I am an experienced estate planning and business planning attorney practicing in the Denver Metro and Fort Collins areas of Colorado. My practice is values-centered, client-focused and relationship-based. What does that mean? I firmly believe in my role as “counselor” to my clients, and so I work with my clients to develop the planning that they want and what fits their needs.


  • J.D., University of Utah
  • Masters, History, Utah State University
  • Bachelors, History, Brigham Young University


  • Colorado Bar Association
  • CBA Trusts & Estates Section
  • CBA Solo Small Firm Practice Section
  • Arapahoe Bar Association
  • Douglas/Elbert Bar Association




I believe that money’s greatest value is found in what it represents, not just what its worth is. We all spend our money according to what we value. I do not think your values must pass away with you, and so I have deep and personal conversations with my clients about what matters most to them so we can in turn express those things to their loved ones.



I believe that education and knowledge is power, and so I spend large portions of time educating clients and helping them narrow their options down to their preferred method to continue to take care of their loved ones. A plan that does not do what the client wants is not a success. I take pride in taking care of my clients through clear communication, prompt responses to questions, and prioritizing my clients to help them realize their business and familial goals.



My fundamental belief is that clients are not one-time transactions. Rather, estate and business planning are investments that clients make to protect their financial future and that of their loves ones. Time and legal changes can very quickly render even the best estate plans obsolete. Without a strong attorney-client relationship, those changes are never addressed and clients’ plans no longer work as they intended.

I seek to develop deep and long-lasting relationships with my clients through frequent contact and an optional Continual Purposeful Planning Program so that I can do all I can to help my clients take care of their loved ones. I understand that estate planning and business planning is an investment on the part of my clients in the future of their loved ones. I want to give my clients a voice, so they can be successful in expressing their love and desires to their loved ones after they can no longer do so for themselves.

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