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Guided Estate Planning

Most people know they need an estate plan, but the cost of a quality estate plan is often out-of-reach.  

We at The Rains Law Firm have always cared about helping families.  We want to help strengthen relationships and prevent conflict when a loved one passes away.  This is what attracted Brandon Rains to estate planning in the first place.  

Since the beginning of The Rains Law Firm, we have always focused on innovation.  While the Firm’s focus and expertise is working with families with significant assets, our passion is also bringing principles that benefit wealthier families to others.

Guided Estate Planning is our way to help more families take care of each other by making estate planning more accessible and affordable while still providing the attorney-client relationship.  Most estate planning options make you sacrifice one or the other.  We want to give these families the best of both worlds.

Guided Estate Planning is in-line with our Firm values of Compassion, Comprehensiveness, Family First, Integrity, and Purposefulness.  We are putting estate planning into reach for more families to help them:

  • take care of each other;
  • address questions and situations they would not otherwise think to address
  • pass on their (monetary) wealth and their values, wisdom, life experiences and lessons, advice, counsel, memories, and affection.  

This kind of purposeful estate planning can benefit all families, not just those of a specific net worth.  While Guided Estate Planning is not the perfect fit for every family, it broadens our scope of services to help families strengthen their family relationships.  We are pleased to offer Guided Estate Planning to more families to help strengthen their family relationships with an attorney-guided and more affordable inclusive approach.