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When something think of “asset protection” they often think of off-shore trusts that no one knows about or can access. While that is still prevalent, asset protection strategies are now predominately domesticated within the United States.


Revocable Living Trusts and Asset Protection

A revocable living trust does not provide asset protection to you during your lifetime. Only upon your death can such a trust protect assets because the trust becomes unmodifiable and as long as the trust maintains ownership of the assets.

So, revocable trusts can still offer some form of asset protection. You decide how much asset protection you want to have in your trust for your descendants, as well as how much access your beneficiaries have to your trust after you pass. Generally, the more protections your trust has, the less access your beneficiaries have, and vice versa. Using revocable trusts in this manner can help protect assets and your beneficiaries against creditors (divorce, bankruptcy, medical bills, student loans), predators (manipulative influences who want your children’s money), and the beneficiaries’ own poor decisions.


Advanced Asset Protection

For those with more advanced planning or concerns, there are additional asset protection strategies that can protect your assets. These strategies will vary depending on how many assets you own, the type of assets (for example, real estate property), where your assets are located, your intended beneficiaries, and your unique goals and situation.

Every person’s situation is different, and each advanced strategy needs to be similarly different in order to fulfill its purpose. I invite you to come in and discuss your situation with me in person to determine what option is best for you.

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