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An organization’s Vision establishes “Why” they do what they do, not simply the “what.” It is the most central of motivations and direction. For The Rains Law Firm, our “why” is to preserve family harmony and protect family relationships as much as possible when they most need protecting.

This means that while the most active part of the attorney-client relationship is during the “drafting phase,” it is not the most important part of the relationship. The most important part is actually administering your estate or business plan after something bad has happened to you. That is when you want your plan to work as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and it is also when family relationships are most vulnerable. It is one of the greatest tragedies when loving families are broken apart because of bad planning. And that is why our “Why” is preserving family harmony and protecting family relationships.



Values are concise words or phrases that describe what an organization cares about the most or stand for more than anything. The Rains Law Firm’s values are (in alphabetical order): Compassion, Comprehensiveness, Family First, Integrity, and Purposefulness.


What would a world be like without compassion and empathy? Everyone wants to be heard, especially when you are talking about what is most important to you. Estate planning deals with all of life, and you want an estate planning attorney who can listen and counsel with compassion and sensitivity to your most vulnerable individual and family situations. Estate planning is not just dealing with assets, but humans, and even generations of humans. A good estate plan does not ignore the psychological issues of money and requires compassion to capture your vision and voice.


Your plan deals with all of life, and not just your life, but many other people’s lives also. To complicate things further, you are planning for not just how your life, and other’s lives, are now, but how they might be in the future. These two basic facts demand that your plan be comprehensive and that it addresses as many aspects as possible. Fortunately, not only is our process comprehensive, but because we realize that this can easily be overwhelming, we break the planning process into small manageable chunks that make it easier for you to create a comprehensive plan with the help of your estate planning attorney.

Family First

Is anything more important than family? Much of the world today talks about work-life balance, but we believe that family should always come first. That does not mean that you will not have to make tough decisions, and does it mean that we do not serve you efficiently and effectively. Rather, it means that we understand what truly matters most, and that informs how we help you through the planning process and as you confront unexpected life situations. Family is often your “why,” so why demote them as you plan to benefit them?


We will always do what is best for you. It is that simple. We do not sell anything to you, but we emphasize educating you on your options and their ramifications so you can make an educated decision about what is best for you and your loved one. We do everything we can to make your plan successful for you and your loved ones, even if that means that we have to sacrifice rather than you. Why would anyone accept anything less?


Family and values are often what is most important, so we help you be as intentional and purposeful as possible to benefit your family. Often, what is most valuable to your family is not purely your assets, but also your values, what you stand for, what you live for, and your voice. You have tried for your entire life to share with your loved ones what you have learned and what has helped you become who you are. We help you formalize and record these central insights so your loved ones can refer back to them two or three decades, or even two or three generations, after you are gone. This helps continue your voice and positive influence even after you are gone and can no longer do that yourself.

These central motivations and values define and explain our approach to helping you plan, which is to create purposeful legacy plans and business plans of assets and values that will bless those that matter most to you for generations to come, perhaps long after there are no more assets to pass.

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