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About the Rains Law Firm


About Brandon

As a father of three and a business owner, I understand the worries, concerns, and hopes of parents and business owners. So often, we are filled with hope and worry for the future. Parents and business owners want to hope for the best, but we feel the need to prepare for the worst. Read More…


Vision and Values

An organization’s Vision establishes “Why” they do what they do, not simply the “what.”  It is the most central of motivations and direction.  For The Rains Law Firm, our “why” is to preserve family harmony and protect family relationships as much as possible when they most need protecting. Read More…


Mission Statement

The Rains Law Firm’s mission is to provide comprehensive, client-focused, and relationship-based estate planning and business planning services to individuals, families, and business owners in Colorado. The Rains Law Firm’s ultimate purpose is to provide individuals, families, and business owners with peace of mind and promote harmony within their families as they invest in their family’s future. Read More…


Our Process

When individuals come into The Rains Law Firm to create either an estate plan or business plan, we follow a consistent process that oversees everything that we do while remaining individualized and specific to the client’s needs. Read More…

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