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Love LettersMost Americans believe that the purpose of preparing an estate plan is merely in preparation for their own passing and that only wealthy individuals and families need to do it.  However, loving and comprehensive estate planning is concerned with expressing care, concern, and continuing to sharing treasured values and priorities with family just as much as it is concerned with giving property to descendants. Indeed, you can express your love and care through your estate planning documents in much the same way as you can through love letters.

Love Letters

I want to briefly talk about an article written on Forbes.com.  This article talks about how your estate plan documents are “the most important love letters you’ll ever write.” Estate planning allows you to continue to express your love and care for your family, even after you are not there anymore. You can continue to parent and pass on your work ethics, values, and goals to your children, which you have spent your entire life already doing.  I do not believe that you would want to unwittingly undo your previous decades of parenting with an ill-designed estate plan.

The Forbes article continues to explain that creating an estate plan is indeed for all adults and is something that we all should do, just like we should love letters to our loved ones.  Also, the quality of your estate plan is just as important, if not more so, as actually creating an estate plan. Your estate planning strategy should be carefully designed, thought out, and drafted.  While wealthy individuals may require more complex planning, everyone deserves to be able to express their love for their family and continue to take care of them.  I can help you understand the potential of your estate planning strategy and how it can benefit you and your loved ones.

The full article, titled “The Most Important Love Letters You’ll Ever Write,” is on the Forbes website http://www.forbes.com/sites/timmaurer/2012/02/16/the-most-important-love-letters-youll-ever-write/.

Final Thoughts

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