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Guiding Principles

The Rains Law Firm has three core principles that guide everything that we do. Clients are not one-time transactions, but are individuals who want to take care of their loved ones after they are no longer there for their families. My clients are investing in their families, and so my purpose is to invest in my clients and their families just as much as our clients are invested in their families. The way that I do this is through consistent and practical application of our Guiding Principles, which are Comprehensiveness, Client-focused, and Relationship-based.



People’s lives are complicated, and they have many different concerns, goals, and influences. I aim to address all of these different dynamics that are going on in my clients’ lives. I recognize that only by addressing as much of a person’s life that I can, can I truly develop an estate plan that accomplishes everything that a person needs. Estate Planning touches on all those parts in a person’s life that is most important, and so I address a person’s life with sensitivity and comprehensiveness to give my clients the best possible experience.



One of the titles for attorney is “counselor.” To me, that is the most powerful word that describes my purpose. I am not an attorney who condescendingly tells my client what they are going to do. Rather, my process is to first listen, educate, and then counsel with my clients to help them identify the legal solution that best meets their needs, and to fulfill those needs efficiently and effectively. I understand that I am here to serve my clients, and I can only do that by always focusing on my client and their desires.



I am committed to develop long-term relationships with my client and their team of financial professionals in order to provide continual, long-term legal solutions. Again, my clients are not one-time transactions. People’s lives change and develop, and so should their estate plans. My practice is structured, through the Continual Purposeful Planning Program, to make it easy and affordable for clients to consistently edit their estate plans so that they always reflect their wishes. This optional Program allows me to become a part of my client’s lives and be available whenever I am needed. If you desire more information about the Continual Purposeful Planning Program, please ask me during our complimentary initial meeting.

Relationships with Financial Professionals

I also understand that my clients’ estate plans are not an isolated part of their lives, and so I work closely with financial advisors, accountants, and other financial professionals to give my clients comprehensive planning that works smoothly and cohesively with other aspects of their lives.

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