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Community Involvement

At The Rains Law Firm, I understand that all of us are trying to make our community a better place. Both as a law firm and as an individual, I recognize that I am part of many communities: Colorado, Denver Metro and its cities, schools, neighborhoods, private organizations, and others. Because of this, I am committed to be involved in my communities through charitable and volunteer efforts.


Community Passions

I am particularly passionate about charities involving veterans, education, families, and children.  Each of these groups have either sacrificed so much for our community or influence our community the greatest.  Even though I am a civilian, I have always had great respect for our servicemen and women.  I value the great benefits that education has had in my life, and I want to see others be able to partake of those great blessings for themselves.  I have had great opportunities to travel and see this world, and for me, nothing has been as fulfilling as having my own family and raising my children.


Invitation to Volunteer

Colorado and Denver have such incredible charity and volunteer organizations, both national and local, that bless the lives of these groups as well as the groups that you are interested in.  Many for these organizations are small and are reliant upon the gifts of money and time of others to continue to exist and succeed.  Others are vast community enterprises that are overwhelmingly successful.  All these legitimate charities and volunteer organizations address some community problem from a different angle, and work together to make our neighborhoods as a whole better places.

You and I cannot volunteer at every organization, but if we are able to volunteer a little bit of our time or give a bit of what we have, we can help others bit by bit.  And if we are able to volunteer as a community, then that time and money increases and even greater changes can be made.

Please join me in working to make our communities a better place for everyone.


Military and First Responders

Military personnel and first responders are often at the forefront of our national defense and in our communities. As a lawyer and a historian, I deeply appreciate the sacrifices made by these individuals for me and for you, and I recognize the freedoms that we enjoy because of their sacrifices.

Discount for Military Personnel and First Responders

As a way to give back, The Rains Law Firm permanently offers a discount for all Active, Retired, Reserve, Guard, and Inactive Ready Reserve military personnel in all branches of the military, and all Active, Retired, and Volunteer police officers, firefighters, and EMT’s. This discount is for each individual client, so multiple qualifying individuals receive discounts that do add upon each other, thus increasing the total discount. Please notify The Rains Law Firm if you qualify for this discount and provide adequate identification.

To all military and first responder personnel, thank you very much for your service and sacrifices.

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