Business Planning Process in 3 Simple Steps

When individuals come into The Rains Law Firm to create a Business Plan, we follow a consistent process that oversees everything that we do while remaining individualized and specific to the client’s needs.

Business Plan Step 1Initial Consultation

During the first meeting, I follow a three step process: 1) listen; 2) educate; 3) counsel. First, I understand that I need to listen to you to understand your vision for your business, whether to start a new business or to transition out of owning your business. Everything that we do together afterward depends on what your business goals are. Second, I teach you about options for your business and how you can best reach your goals. Third, we counsel together to help you choose the specific business plan that you believe best fits your business’s situation. This process is one way in which I fulfill one of my Guiding Principles, which is focusing on the client.

Business Plan Step 2Legal Services and Collaboration

Within the first few days after our initial meeting, I prepare the legal work for your business according to your instructions. After I have finished the work you have asked me to do, I send you a draft of your requested documents for your feedback. We continue to collaborate until my work completely matches your vision.

Business Plan Step 3Implementation

After we have finished preparing your desired documents, you and I review your goals, how my work helps you achieve those goals, any further needed steps to achieve your goals, and who will take those steps. This final meeting for this specific project ensures that we understand our path forward to help you and your business continue to be as successful as possible.

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