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Can You Bequeath Your Frequent Flyer Miles?

If you travel a lot, you may have accumulated a lot of travel miles.  As you think about the future, you may want to know if it is possible to pass on your frequent flyer miles if you were to pass.  Those flyer miles could be work a lot of money, so you would not want...

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Does My Estate Plan Need to Include My Vacation Property?

Yes! If you own a vacation home, timeshare, investment property, or any other real estate outside of the state where you are domiciled has to be addressed in your estate plan.  If anything, this situation makes a trust vital.  If you do not adequately plan for...

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How Long Should You Keep Important Documents?

Even though we are becoming increasingly paperless, we still live in a society that documents everything.  It is becoming increasingly important to know for how long we should hold on to these documents, whether paper or electronic.  Some people through away documents...

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How Does My Annuity Fit Into My Estate Plan?

Choosing the annuity that is best for you is important.  Of course, you will think it through and work closely with your financial advisor to choose the right one.  You may still not know how your annuity fits into your estate plan and what happens to the payments...

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How Does an IRA Fit Into Your Estate Plan?

When you think of IRAs, you probably think of retirement. But what happens to your IRA money after you’re gone?  What happens depends on a lot of factors, like how you set up your estate plan, who you choose as beneficiaries, and many other factors.  If you do not...

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New Baby? Time to Create Your Estate Plan

For many, estate planning is almost always on the back burner.  The reasons why are different: not enough time, feeling you are "too poor," too busy with other life goals, not wanting to think about something bad happening to you, or many other reasons.  However,...

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How A Living Trust Helps Your Family

An estate plan has several documents, each with their own purpose.  One such document is a revocable living trust.  There are many reasons why a family may choose to use a trust as part of their estate plan, such as privacy or controlling distributions over time.  The...

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Estate Planning For the Newly Married

If you are engaged and about to get married, or you recently got married, you may not realize it, but now is the perfect time to create your estate plan.  You are probably already talking about how to organize your assets, whether separate or joint.  You are also...

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