Legal Topic Library

LibraryThe Legal Content Library has the same information as the normal Library, but has additional content, such as a letter addressed to you regarding the specific content and suggested talking points for your discussions with your clients to help them understand the benefits of what I am offering.  My goal is to empower you to provide more comprehensive services to your clients so that they receive the additional services that they need and you increase your value to your clients.

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Asset Protection                                                                                    Blended Families

Business Creation                                                                                 Business Succession

Corporations                                                                                            Employment Contracts

Incapacity and Disability Planning                                            Irrevocable Trusts

LLCs                                                                                                                 Planning for Minor Children

Probate                                                                                                         Special Needs Planning

Standalone Retirement Trust (SRT)                                        Tax Planning

Trust Administration                                                                          Trust Modification

Trusts                                                                                                             Wills