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What are the advantages of a C-Corporation?

A C-Corporation offers two major advantages: liability protection and scalability. A C-Corporation protects you from liability arising from your business so that creditors or judgment-holders do not easily reach into your personal assets. A C-Corporation is scalable in the sense that many large corporations are C-Corporations. They have very sophisticated governing procedures that are appropriate for large corporations.
Estate planning addresses the consistent and hardest parts of life, which is when someone passes away. In my opinion, estate planning’s purpose is to help a family’s transition as they cope during such a difficult period in their lives. It is a gratifying and purpose-filled legal service.

Comprehensive estate planning takes the whole person into account. It involves selecting trusted individuals to carry out one’s wishes and drafting documents that carefully guide and protect future generations. Estate planning also goes beyond taxes, wealth, and medical decision making: Many people choose to include things like recorded oral histories and precious heirlooms in their plans. This makes estate planning not just about property, but about the legacy, values, and vision you want to pass along to future generations.

When do I want to form an S-Corporation?

An S-Corporation offers you an advantageous tax structure if you are working your business yourself and within a certain range of corporate income. For a more detailed conversation, I advise you to meet with me to discuss whether you want to form an S-Corporation.

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